Thursday, 5 May 2011

Liberating the NHS or repeating the mistakes of the past?

Eeva Mielonen is blogging about liberating the NHS.

Out of curiosity I went to hear what the Labour leader Ed Miliband had to say about the by now infamous NHS reforms. The impressive RSA lecture hall was packed with people – and journalists, as RSA Chief Executive Matthew Taylor wittily pointed out. Every day now there seems to be someone publicly opposing the reforms, and finally the whole reorganization is now on ice after a group of senior MPs applied the brake. 

Opening our mouth for the first time

 Jussi Nissil√§ introduces the new blog.

The Finns are often considered to be direct when talking, even to the point of being considered vulgar and rude. In Finland we would rather think that saying things bluntly is frank, transparent and effective.