Thursday, 5 May 2011

Opening our mouth for the first time

 Jussi Nissilä introduces the new blog.

The Finns are often considered to be direct when talking, even to the point of being considered vulgar and rude. In Finland we would rather think that saying things bluntly is frank, transparent and effective.

Pardon My Finnish is a blog where the staff working at The Finnish Institute in London, our colleagues and partners reflect thoughts and present ideas about today’s society. The institute studies social issues in Ireland, Britain and Finland and compares the societies in these countries with each other.

We believe our position in between cultures and nations gives us the opportunity, and perhaps even the responsibility, to participate in social debate and to make sharp observations and comments about how we should live, work in and govern our societies. For this we will not apologise, while I must beg your pardon for occasional insensitivity!

In this blog you can expect to find different kind of writings. Notes and commentaries on seminars we’ve visited, news we’ve read and speeches we’ve heard. Book reviews. Novel insights on societal trends. Critique of policies and policy-making. Potential solutions to acute challenges.

The focus of discussion will be around themes that are presented in our programmes. We will talk about cultural issues and social policy. Stuff that affects us all. Healthcare, education, public services and ownership of our cultural products. The themes will change and develop when new interesting issues emerge.

Social debate cannot be a monologue and the posts are meant to be only a starting point. We welcome you to join the discussion.

Jussi Nissilä
The Finnish Institute in London


HaLoMi Trekker said...

Sounds great..! keep post here

HaLoMi Trekker
Rinjani Trekking

ThomasClein said...

I do not think that being direct is bad even if it sounds vulgar or over emotional. What is bad is to pretend that you are kind and hide your inner monster. I personally hate such people and yeah, I ma direct and sometimes suffer from it :P But I do not care... I will do my assignment statements straightforward as did before.