Friday, 23 December 2011

A Christmas Carol 2011, or How the Ghost of Open Data Showed Finland the Future

Institute's Fellow Antti Halonen writes about open data development in finland and encourages people to use their data wranging skills for the good of society and democracy. 
Last few weeks have been truly remarkable in terms of the development of open data in Finland.
In midst of the on-going discussion in the UK on the necessity and feasibility of Public Data Corporation (or Public Data Group, as it is apparently called nowadays) and potential setbacks that might cause for open data, Finland has taken bold steps towards opening up their data sets.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Could European Open Data Strategy be a lever for change in Finland?

Institute's Fellow Antti Halonen writes about the European Open Data Strategy and the possibility for change in Finland.
 By the time of writing this, the Parliament of Finland is just about to start to discuss the issue of opening up data of the National Land Survey of Finland (Maanmittauslaitos). The on-going debacle has been arguably the most visible case of open data discussion in Finland up to date.